Welcome to HACF



The Hellenic-American Cultural Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, was established to organize and promote high quality and relevant educational and cultural programs, concerts, lectures, exhibits, and similar events for all persons interested in the history, culture and affairs of Greece and its people and the people of Greek ancestry outside of Greece.


Greek civilization over the millennia offers countless sources of cultural enrichment and inspiration to people of all ages, irrespective of ethnic or cultural origin. Our Foundation offers a continuing program of events making this vibrant legacy accessible to the widest possible audience.


The mission of the HACF is to present sessions on the arts (including film, music, painting, dance and photography), literature, science, politics, history and other disciplines in order to engage the community to explore and rediscover the importance of Greek contributions. In this way, the HACF will be able to add to the development and appreciation of the extraordinary legacy of Greek culture.


We are proud to have sponsored, co-sponsored or organized a number of events including, most recently, a talk by Yannis Palaiologos on the rise of the extreme right in Greek politics, a presentation by journalist Margalit Fox on "The Riddle of the Labyrinth," a Fireside Chat with George Tenet on Life in Public Service, and a presentation by Joan R. Mertens on the "Art of Interpreting Greek Vases."